Sizing Guide

How it works:

Crewnecks, Shirts, Jackets, T-Shirts & Windbreakers:

Most of our pieces have a size on tags (S, M, L...). But, sometimes these sizes are inaccurate or are for the the opposite gender. By default we measure based on Men's sizing.

To get the a more effective and accurate measurement, we lay down the piece flat on the ground. The "P2P" (Pit to Pit) measurement is the distance between the piece's two armpit areas. The "Length" measurement is the distance between the shoulder seam to the bottom of the piece.

We measure our pieces by inches which we denote by a number followed by quotation marks.
E.g. Length: 27.2" & P2P: 19.3".

For a more accurate description, please refer to the photo below:



We measure our hats, snapbacks or caps by measuring from the bottom of the hat (excluding the visor) and get the diameter of the piece.