Today I was at a cafe to organize and plan out the next coming days, but as I was sipping through my low caffeinated yet sugary beverage, I came across a young man waiting tables and serving drinks. The kid looked like he was new to the job, constantly asking his colleague for re-assurance and guidance through the busy morning, the way he held himself was nothing but admirable. The young waiter looked familiar, not in his face nor his demeanor - the kid reminded me of myself.

My first job was at a Thai restaurant which paid me under the minimum wage - which was seventeen dollars at the time. Lo and behold my first call up to work - was Valentine’s Day, little did I know that I was the only one staff on the day (with my Manager and the Chef of course - sad emoji). To this day, I can still remember the full restaurant, the angry customers, the happy customers, and myself trying to pronounce all Thai dishes and butchering every single one.

The question is - “Do I still see myself as the young waiter? Or do I see myself as something greater or better?” I still see myself as the young waiter because I was once a kid with no job experience, I was a kid that was bad at taking down orders, and I was a kid that was bad at communicating with my manager - but I have learned and that is what kept me going.

I once also had the grit, determination, and eagerness to learn, so why does all that needs to fade as I get older? Are we stuck in a loop of comfortability and stagnancy? We may not be young waiter anymore, but like him we are also waiting - waiting on something, waiting on someone, waiting for a miracle.

While we eagerly await for our miracle, every day we get older, every day we get wiser, every day we wait we start to realize that life is all about waiting and doing what we can now.

"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift... that's why they call it the present. - Master Oogway

- Jeremy

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