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Don’t you ever feel like life is a movie where all the best times seem to go fast, and all the hard times seem to go slow? I had a dream recently about having the remote from the movie “Click” starring Adam Sandler, this remote in the movie controls his life events whether it would be Pause, Rewind, Skip, and Fast Forward.

In the dream, I went all the way back to when as a kid, I would go through all of my birthday parties, go to my nursery and primary school, and see the old times when I used to carry a gigantic stroller filled with books, I would also go through all of my holidays with my grandparents in our province where I would see all the animals in the farm near our house and would lastly play basketball in the scorching heat and get a light-headed once again.

I would next go through my High School days where I would be involved in lots of sports clubs such as basketball and football. I would also see our humble abode in Manila where our cousins would live with us.

Reminiscing the times that felt like just yesterday, but it seems to be a distant past. We often forget to enjoy the now and plan. Whether we are living our best life now or whether times are tough emotionally, financially, or spiritually – just know that “this too shall pass” so keep getting better every day.

- Jeremy

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