Long have I been waiting
The warm air of pearl calling
For a glorious homecoming

Wow a haiku, What a poet!
On a serious note - It's gonna be my first time coming back to the motherland after nine (9) years.

Gonna be so weird coming back to the humid air of and just breath in the glorious smell of pollution (I'm joking not all is pollution)
I cannot wait to:
See the my grandmas who will say I am thin and feed me
See my aunties and uncles who will say I am chubby
Reconnect with my cousins as they have been my extended brothers and sisters
I cannot wait to see what my friends are upto (and hopefully not upto no good)

Who knew it would take this long aye? 9 years of waiting, hoping and grinding has led to this - PROPS TO MY FAMILY -
and even at such a short time of three weeks - let's cherish the motherland shall we!

- Jeremy
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