Her Majesty

I have a confession to make; I do not really know a lot about the Queen and the Royal Family. Naturally, I got curious to see as to why thousands of people paid their respects. I did some research on the Queen's life and I will share what I have learnt.

The Queen was the Queen of the United Kingdom and other commonwealth states. She reigned of over 70 years - the longest of any British monarch. A monarchy is a political system where an individual person has supreme authority and a monarch is an individual ruler who functions as the head of state. Despite having that amount of power, she remained a servant. She served in World War II. She did countless charities - the Royal Family supports nearly 3,000 charities around the world. She quietly did work over the years to support racial equality and advancement. She had a calm and stable approach when she was declared queen during a time of crisis. She modernized the monarchy - being more willing to embrace change. To reiterate, she served for more than 70 years.

Being uneducated on the matter, it was hard to dive deep within a short matter of time into how the Royal Family, politics and government intertwine with each other so I will keep this short and hopefully meaningful.

Across the different articles and videos I came upon, I was very much amazed by how She lived her life. She used her power to put others first when many before her did not. Being someone who shares the same faith as Her, I could only look at she opened up about her faith as how we should all live our lives. No matter our beliefs, we should all be consistent, remember that we are also here to server and to not be afraid to carry our mats. Being an adult who grew up in New Zealand, I have come to realise how important She was to us as a nation. I now acknowledge that I have a duty to to have knowledge about people in power and how they use that power.

I have now been reminded that we sometimes have the duty of putting others before ourselves and that we should act before it is too late. 

I bow my head and pay respect.


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