Good Soup

Are you happy with where you’re at in life? And why? What does it mean to you to have a happy life? On a scale from 1 to 10 - how happy are you?

 Everyone passing through to read this exceptional blogpost such as yourself may come from different walks of life. Some of you maybe are at the top enjoying the view - living their best lives, working at a job they are passionate, have a stable and healthy relationship with their family and significant other, traveling the world and making a lot of dough; some of you are at the bottom wanting to reach the top - grinding it out on your studies to get your dream job or grinding on your ‘9 to 5” job to travel the world, pay for expensive Auckland rent, or leave to go to Oz. Lastly some of us are just holding onto what we have, taking life day by day and still trying to figure it out.

Just like the in the show, Girls, Adam Driver goes to a mental breakdown with her partner, he would then say the iconic line - “Good soup”. Sometimes all we need to do is to go back to back basics and to “Enjoy the little things”. If you are not in a job you want to be - do something about it, if you are in a relationship that is mentally draining and not helping you’re future - evaluate and maybe cut ties, if you’re constantly lazy like and also bad at time management - be disciplined with your time and know that time is money.

Just know that there are people around you who are willing to help you along the way to find and pursue your passion, your relationship and your dreams. People may come and go from your life, but the ones who stay are people that you can call family. I leave you with one of my favourite bible verses that speaks about how each and every person is in their own season - we just need to embrace and trust the process.

I’ve just recently turned 25 this weekend - which means yes, I AM OLD - I am old enough to know better but young enough to still get away with it. So go chase your dreams, grind it out and love people (even if they are unloveable) in the process.

There is a time for everything 
And a season for every activity under the heavens. - Ecclesiastes 3:1


- Jeremy 

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