Denver Nuggets

The Denver Nuggets are the 2023 NBA champions!

Just finished watching Game 5 of the finals and it was not the prettiest game but it was the most entertaining as either team revved up the intensity in the fourth quarter. Neither team shot well but even though they were getting wide open shots. Respect the the Heat for coming all this way, but I kind of hoped that Jimmy took it upon himself down the stretch. Jokic the whole series proved to everyone why he is one of the best players in the world. How on earth do you mark this man? Once he gets to the middle he'll probably be bigger than you so you better send a double - but he might kick it out. You force him to pick it up; he might do a little Sombor Shuffle, hit that J and make you go woah. I also love it whenever he backs down his defender and spins twice before putting up the hook, what a beautiful move! He has become one of my favourite players to watch and I hope the NBA showcase him more going forward. The Nuggets may have themselves a dynasty depending on how things go. Been a Jamal Murray fan for a while now and Gordon was robbed of the 2016 Dunk Contest. No question they will keep the core together but would be interesting to see what else they add this offseason.

As a massive basketball & NBA fan, the 2022-2023 has been very entertaining with a lot of unexpected twists. It makes me happy that a lot of my mates and people I meet are well in tune with how the NBA and the game is going and a conversation can get going for a bit. Can't wait for the next season!

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